Monday, April 21, 2014

50-shadesof-ray asked: I though your URL was fapstuck lmao

i hate getting this ask so much lmao


Hey guys! I finally finished up my new commission post! I am officially open for business! 

I have an official page for this on my blog with example art and more detailed breakdowns as well as how to contact me!

Please click this to see the full commissions page!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

quick note: if you’re following me for homestuck don’t hold your breath because I haven’t drawn homestuck in a very long time and probably won’t again! that is all

pattern shenanigans

here’s a zip file of flowers and leaves and patterns and crap, have fun

you’re free to use and arrange the flowers and stuff however you like, make your own patterns and stuff!
but note that this is for non commercial use only, do not use any of these to make money, ever ever.

for photoshop: open each pattern and click edit -> define pattern
for manga studio: open each pattern and click edit -> register image as material, then when the box opens select tiling

bonus mini tutorial, on how to make repeating patterns like I made (photoshop only):
arrange your flowers how you like on the canvas, then click filter -> offset
move the sliders until you have the empty space from the edges of the original image in the center, then fill it in with more flowers
then edit -> define pattern and you’re done!

in a fit of rage directed at my past self making really shitty faux kimono flower patterns in like 2009 (and the fact that people on dA continue to use them), i just spent the last 3 hours making new ones that are like 100x better

in related news: im an insane masochist and i need to go to bed image

Saturday, April 19, 2014

round 2 of the 10/10 commissions! thanks so much everybody!

fastpuck’s 10-for-10 sale: the squeakquel!


that’s right folks, it’s another sale! just like before, I’m opening 10 slots for $10 colored sketch commissions! and just like before, you’ll be getting stuff like this:




for $10 USD!

NOTE: one character per slot!! if you want two characters, take two slots! three is the maximum number you can claim! (they will be in the same picture unless otherwise specified) 

to grab your spot, email me at, subject line “10/10 sale (username),” and I’ll tell you what number(s) you are!

your piece will be about half-body, and coloring style will be flats + small embellishments.

when you have your spot in the queue please be timely about getting your commission info to me, and have your money ready!

I will be doing this sale again sometime, so don’t worry if you don’t have the money right now, or otherwise miss your chance to grab a spot.

1. lycanboots

2. 3pithimia

3. heosic24

4. & 8. mifonyd

5. suturmon

6. [redacted]

7. shotalitarianism

9. sailor-prince

10. merrybynature


Friday, April 18, 2014

houka1numuta asked: for the 10/10 thing does it have to be a character you recognize?

nope it can be anything as long as you can provide a description of them! this goes for all commissions.

i had a dream that involved different color variations of gardevoir that i caught in the game and i kept trying to show my friend but he never got around to seeing them

anyway i tried to sorta recreate them from dream-memory

the first two were basically the same but for minor differences and the last one was albino

my dreams, man, i just dont know sometimes

Thursday, April 17, 2014
cutie baby with cutie baby horns

cutie baby with cutie baby horns

Tuesday, April 15, 2014
double dog dares are a helluva drug

double dog dares are a helluva drug

Sunday, April 13, 2014

oh yeah reminder that the cool society6 sale with free shipping and $5 off every item ends today at midnight PST!

*Nicholas Cage voice* How’d he get burned!? How’d he get burned, how’d he get burned!?

this time, he blew himself and altron up after endless waltz events :’)

but obviously he survived lmao